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Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Sunny Twister Stepper with Handle Bar is furnished with a considerable lot of the same elements which are found on bigger, more costly steppers, for example, a handlebar (additionally look at the Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper), however in a much littler bundle.

It is sensibly evaluated, agreeable, very much developed and has a one of a kind winding movement that has brought about it being a buyer's top choice.
Sunny Twister Stepper with Handle Bar

Substantial Duty Construction

In this value range, you more often than not wouldn't anticipate that a stepper will be very much developed. Luckily, the Sunny Twister Stepper is the special case on account of its substantial obligation steel outline which implies that it can withstand continuous use.

Besides, the rubber treated grasps, which are non-slip, benefit a vocation of giving you simply that smidgen more pad for your workout.


Sunny Twister Stepper with Handle Bar

Numerous steppers in this value run likewise don't accompany a handlebar to help you keep your parity as you work out. Without a handlebar, it is anything but difficult to lose equalization as you move your weight from one foot to the next. Luckily, this stepper accompanies a completely flexible handlebar, so it can be utilized by anybody, paying little mind to their tallness.

Low Impact Workout

In general, steppers can offer a low effect yet successful workout. While the Sunny Twister Stepper is no special case, it offers clients that tiny bit additional on account of its extraordinary movement that gives your body a little contort as you work out. This curving movement conditions your bottom and thighs more adequately than different models, notwithstanding putting less strain on your joints and bones.
Sunny Twister Stepper with Handle Bar

LCD Display

The LCD show gives input on aggregate time spent working out, calories copied and add up to steps taken. While there is nothing especially exceptional about the presentation, all you have to know is that the criticism is exact.


  • 19 by 17 by 48 inches
  • 28 pounds

Any Complaints?

Other than the slight squeaking commotion (which can be disposed of by applying WD-40), there isn't much to whine about, particularly on the off chance that you consider the cost. Be that as it may, the LCD showcase is on the plain side in its appearance and does not include a heart rate tracker.

Something Else You Should Know?

By and large, the Sunny Twister Stepper with Handle Bar is ideal for the individuals who are on a financial plan and are searching for a powerful, low effect workout. The curving movement is its genuine offering point, as you can target and tone the thighs and rear end viably.

Item Description

Stepper with turning activity to work rump and thighs without focusing on bones and joints Adjustable venturing stature Handle bar helps you keep your parity; non-slip foot plates give protected, secure venturing Computer with LCD screen to show check, absolute number, calories, sweep, and time Heavy-obligation steel development for solidness and toughness Manufacturer's guarantee included - see Product Guarantee territory for complete insights About Sunny Health and Fitness Sunny Health and Fitness has been importing and conveying top notch wellbeing and wellness items for more than ten years. From their base camp in Los Angeles, California, they import hardware from direct sources in Taiwan and China to give more focused estimating than the normal wellbeing and wellness gear wholesaler. Since they are focused on magnificence and stand behind the nature of each one of their items, Sunny Health and Fitness has gotten to be one of the quickest developing organizations in the business sector. Measurements: 19L x 17W x 48H inches. Works profound muscles without focusing on bones or joints. Turn activity to tone bottom and thighs.

Substantial obligation steel development. Handle bar for parity; non-slip foot plates.

Maker's guarantee included (see item ensure).

Tone your hindquarters and thighs and work your muscles profoundly with the Twister Stepper from Sunny Health and Fitness. This workout machine's turn activity tones butt cheek and thigh regions and permits you to work your muscles profoundly without putting as much weight on your joints and bones. The implicit handlebar and select, non-slip footplates offer equalization and dependability for a sheltered workout.

Intended to help you meet your individual wellness objectives, the Twister Stepper incorporates a multi-capacity LCD PC that gives your time, calories, sweep, and number. The machine suits clients of various statures with customizable venturing tallness. The Twister Stepper gloats substantial obligation steel development and is anything but difficult to fit into any edge of your home or office because of its little 19 by 17-inch stage and 48-inch tallness.

Elements and particulars

  • Customizable venturing tallness
  • Overwhelming obligation steel development
  • Handle bar for parity
  • Choice non-slip footplates
  • LCD PC
  • Capacities: time, calories, output, and number
  • Amassed measurements: 19 by 17 by 48 inches (LxWxH)
  • Gross Weight: 28 pounds

Top Customer Reviews

By Jonathan

I purchased this thing to be low effect and get me dynamic to lose some weight. I utilize it for 20minutes a day M-F. I'm averaging 85 stages a moment. When I purchased it I was at 320 LBs with the specialist endorsed objective of 250 LBs. I'm a major solid person.

  • Week 1: 315
  • Week 2: 314
  • Week 3: 308
  • Week 4: 304
  • Week 5: 303
  • Week 6: 299

All things considered I'm quite content with my outcomes.

The extent of the thing is truly little and its truly light and simple to move around with 1 hand. It took under 10 minutes to assemble.

Alter: The thing broke 2 weeks after I kept in touch with this survey. The metal bar on the right pedal snapped in 2. When it happened I was not harmed. I a little while ago saw the remarks getting some information about how durable this is. I don't accuse the gear since I'm a major person. While this thing was fast and a decent begin it didn't keep going long (2 months). However, it got me persuaded to do what I required which was begin working out.

By D. Parker

It was entirely simple to collect and sturdier than i suspected it would be. I had purchased one without a handle at games power years prior yet this one was greatly improved. the strides are bounty sufficiently huge for your feet and the entire thing is genuinely strong. it is additionally light weight which makes it simple to haul out before the television to step. the main thing i wasn't certain about was that there is a pulley underneath and the strides go somewhat sideways and also all over. This is great since you can modify the resistance more than different sorts yet it felt akward on my knee joints at first. since i am getting used to that angle i think it is a decent bit of hardware at the cost. no issue with conveyance or anything.

By Smirnoff

Hubby obtained this as a shock for my birthday! OMG, I lost 7 pounds in one week from working out on this little machine. The size was immaculate, the work out extraordinary. I got so I was anticipating my first thing in the morning 800 on this as I found up on the morning news.

Unfortunately, it broke yesterday. The jolt that holds the link to the fly wheel broke. We can't discover a section that matches it. Sunny Health and Fitness did react immediately to my email however appear to give me the circled with solicitations to send a photo of the broken bolt...well measure the jolt, do you have the recpt? Examine it and send that to us.

The recpt. was discarded when we got this as the spot we got it from won't discount for any reason by any means.

Obviously, I will get another stair stepper...just not this brand nor at spots like Marukai that won't be adaptable with clients.

By Michelle

I'm an activity proficient and purchased this for home use when we moved to the shoreline and there were no close by exercise centers. I was somewhat incredulous in light of the fact that it was cheap. In any case, it's GREAT! It's a strong bit of gear that has held up superbly for over a year now! I likewise was incredulous that I'd get a decent work out from it since some home workout hardware is too simple yet it is a decent workout! The pressure changes effortlessly without getting off the machine so I can begin warming up with heaps of backing to make it simple them turn the dial to build the rate a get a harder workout! It is amazingly light weight and simple to move around. I could move it anyplace in the house I needed to practice basically and effortlessly. I adore that it's composed with the foot pedals at an immaculate edge to reinforce hip muscles. It's likewise an incredible point to ensure the knees. I like the way it tracks the quantity of ventures in a solitary work out and after some time. What a wonderful worth! Much appreciated Sunny Health and Fitness for making a reasonable, strong item.

By R.U. Reddy

This just arrived so it's too early to say, however I REALLY miss my Aspen stepper that kept going forever and would likely still be going solid on the off chance that I hadn't loaned it to my children who forgot it in the downpour and destroyed it.

Masters: It was moderately simple to collect; it's made of steel as opposed to plastic; it has an implicit clock (additionally a sweep, calorie counter and stroke counter), yet the exactness of these things is questionable, best case scenario, and I'm not one to utilize them at any rate; it doesn't consume up much room and is anything but difficult to move.

CONS: The pressure alteration handle is a joke. From the least demanding to the most troublesome setting is so unpretentious, I scarcely saw it. Indeed, even at the most troublesome setting, going as quick as possible, I didn't sweat by any stretch of the imagination; for individuals who are utilized to steppers, the bending movement is somewhat ungainly, and since it accompanied no activity directions, maybe there's something I'm absent to the benefits of winding; at full expansion, the handle bars don't go up high, and they don't move.

In case you're somebody simply setting out on an activity schedule, would prefer not to spend a great deal of cash and don't have a considerable measure of space, this will presumably

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