Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper Reviews

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The prevalence of step machines has surged as of late, halfway because of their generally low cost additionally on account of their capacity to offer clients a decent workout, without extreme effect being put on the joints. A standout amongst the most well known ones is the Sunny Health and Fitness Twister Stepper.
Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper

Be that as it may, why precisely it is safe to say that this is specific model so well known? Is it ready to experience the buildup? Is it worth the cost? These are the absolute most regular inquiries potential purchasers need replied.

Convenient Elliptical Machine

Notwithstanding being a venturing machine, numerous consider this stepper to be like a compact circular mentor. Not just because of the implicit resistance preparing and practice groups, which can work the shoulders, back, mid-section and arms, additionally on account of its viability.

Curving Action

The Sunny Health and Fitness Twister Stepper is special in the way that it utilizes a turning movement as you workout. Why is this advantageous? Indeed, for a begin, it helps you condition your thighs and posterior at a speedier rate, yet it likewise guarantees that you can work out without putting weight on your joints.


This stepper is made of substantial obligation steel, which makes it exceedingly impossible that it will break – even with incessant utilization. It has been outlined in a way that guarantees that your feet are kept immovably planted as you work out, on account of the slip-safe foot plates.


The showcase is not a big deal, however it is superior to anything numerous other stride machines, as it shows the quantity of calories copied, rep tally, time and aggregate check, all on a reasonable, simple to peruse LCD screen.

Get together

It truly couldn't be any less demanding to assemble, in spite of the fact that this is normal considering its little size. Inside 5 minutes max, you ought to work out.


This progression machine accompanies an entire 90 day guarantee.


18.5 x 16 x 8 inches

21 pounds

Any Complaints?

The main protestation is that the step is entirely little, implying that your legs don't get as a powerful workout as different territories – in spite of the fact that this can without much of a stretch be cured by working up some velocity. Be that as it may, this shouldn't make any difference on the off chance that you are more intrigued by conditioning your thighs, glutes and hips, as no other stepper verges on equaling this one in this angle. Be that as it may, on the off chance that this is an issue, observe the Stamina InStride Pro Electronic Stepper.

Something Else You Should Know?

There isn't much else to include. All you have to know is that the Sunny Health and Fitness Twister Stepper is a standout amongst the most prominent stride machines available (and all things considered to) and is reasonable for all ages and wellness levels. It is elusive another stepper that is as great at this cost.

Top Customer Reviews

By A. A. Eheander

I simply got the turn stepper today, and I thought Id compose a speedy survey on my initial introduction.


- Looks Fairly well made and Sturdy

- The arm straps are flexible, and they give astounding resistance

- The venturing resistance is flexible and gives a better than average workout

- The PC turns on and off naturally


- The progression feels like gradual steps. Not terrible, but rather important

- The directions say to constrain workouts to 10-15 mins??? WTH?

Im expecting thats to keep a warmth develop from erosion, however 15 mins?

It appears like a decent purchase and will do precisely what I need it to do. I need to workout consistently with enough imperviousness to keep up my body weight. Its sufficiently compact that I can utilize it in any room, so risks are I will wind up utilizing it frequently. A debt of gratitude is in order for perusing!


I messaged sunny wellbeing and wellness about the 15 minute time limit on work outs. They let me know that the general population who composed the guidelines brought some artistic freedom with this stipulation, and that the machine can deal with a hour workout or whatever. That improved me feel about my buy. Much obliged!

By J. Wells

I acquired this in May of this current year and needed to hold up a while before looking into it. I'm happy I bought it! I needed a machine that gave me a decent workout, simple on my knees, convenient and did not take up a ton of space. This stepper lived up to my desires. I utilize it when sitting in front of the TV and in a short measure of time I'm sweating. I've seen that my thighs have become firmer and when I go here and there stairs my knees no more hurt. It was tranquil when I initially begun utilizing it, however in the wake of utilizing it all the time it has begun to squeak a bit, yet not uproarious that it occupies from TV seeing. Utilizing W-20 dealt with it.

By A. Portsmouth

Short form to a truly long, dreadful story: I was dumped and I attempted to eat out of it.

At last, all I wound up with was still dumped and now sitting on a size 18 backside. Not great.

So I requested this little stepper.

Hear me out here...this is the critical part. IT WORKS!

I really have two at this point. One at home and one at work. I make it a need to utilize it for at least 10 minutes consistently - regardless. You don't need to get on it and use it for 45 minutes in a row - in spite of the fact that, that is a magnificent workout, as well. Simply get on it and use it reliably.

I began this 30 days back. What's more, now I'm perched on a size 12 backside with size 8 straight ahead, straightforwardly in my sights! Each progression tallies. Each progression is YOU moving toward your objective - whatever that might be.

Purchase it. Goodness, and you ought to purchase a jar of WD-40, as well. On the off chance that you utilize it as much as you ought to, the stuns will require some greasing up.

By Mireille

I acquired the Sunny Twister Stepper a couple of months back, and wound up returning it since I found the strides were too firm to move, even without utilizing the pressure handle. I then attempted the consistent Sunny Mini Stepper sold here on Amazon, and didn't care for it by any means. The customary scaled down stepper had too little of a base, and it was not about as agreeable to use as the Twister variant.

After a great deal of examination, I chose to arrange the Sunny Twister Stepper once more, with the supposition that I may have gotten a blemished one the first run through. To my pleasure, the new one capacities extraordinary! The strides are not as firm as the first I got, and the quality and work of the stepper have enhanced (maybe the maker redesigned it).

I am physically fit, and I find that this stepper gets my heart rate up in a matter of minutes. When you utilize the arm pulleys in the meantime you are venturing, it truly raises the level of activity, and turns into an aggregate body workout. What's more, since you are basically adjusting yourself while utilizing the stepper, you are likewise taking a shot at your center without acknowledging it.

I like the little impression of the unit, as I can slide it under a table, or conceal it in a corner without it being prominent. It's a durable, solid machine, and the screen/counter works fine and dandy for my requirements. The snares that join the arm pulleys to the base are made of metal...I don't see them breaking at any point in the near future.

I profoundly suggest this stepper. For a few, it can be a sole wellspring of activity. For others, it can go about as an aide, or intends to switch up an activity schedule. In any case, you can't improve at the cost.

By Marstonality

In the wake of perusing different surveys for this and other smaller than expected steppers sold here, I requested this one and kept my fingers crossed. So totally happy I purchased this thing! It is wonderfully planned, strong, and required no gathering. The pedals position your feet legs and hips to mimic the genuine activity of the body in climbing stairs- - something which the others neglect to do, and, compel you to utilize the majority of the muscles of the hip middle and thighs. I am a fitness coach so have considered the physiolgy involed in these development progression. Add three pound hand weights to increase arm muscle challenge, rather than the hand straps which I discovered limited characteristic arm swinging structure. Ideal for doing while sitting in front of the television or chatting on the telephone. I adore this thing!!

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