Sunny Health and Fitness Adjustable Twist Stepper, Pink Reviews

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Sunny’s P8000 Pink Adjustable Twist StepperThis quite pink customizable resistance, turn stepper machine from Sunny Health and Fitness is flying of the racks at Amazon, it has awesome audits and is unquestionably meriting full top to bottom survey here on our site.

Pink may not be your shading, that is OK, our top pick or most prescribed item here on our Stepper Machine Reviews site is a sibling to this stepper. Click on the connection to go read our audit of the Silver Twist Stepper.

The greater part of our item audits intend to let you know everything about the item, for this situation it is the pink customizable resistance, turn stepper machine from Sunny Health and Fitness. We look at the elements in subtle element and let you know how great we think the item is. We will likewise give you an outline of client conclusion, highlighting both the great and awful focuses that clients have raised. General it is our intend to help you settle on a superior purchasing choice as an aftereffect of having perused our audit and weighed up if the Sunny's flexible resistance, turn stepper is the right practice machine for you!

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How about we begin; and as a matter of first importance we'll investigate;

The fundamental elements in a word:

  • A Twisting pedal activity climbs and down and side to side which tones rear end and thighs
  • The resistance settings are movable
  • It has Sunny's Heavy-Duty and durable steel development
  • Larger than average slip-safe foot plates to keep you securely on-board
  • A Meter capacity that Scans, monitors workout length time, tallies your steps/min and calories smoldered
  • The PC/LCD screen utilizes a LR44 battery (supplied)
  • Measurements: 15″L x 16″W x 13″H

We will now investigate how this machine functions and what advantage you get from utilizing this smaller than expected stepper with turn activity pedals.

The pink shading is just of advantage to your psyche, it won't get your body fitter any snappier.

The Sunny Health and Fitness Pink Adjustable Twist Stepper gives muscles an incredible workout, getting into those profound muscles not regularly worked with a straight all over venturing activity. The twister stepper, similar to the greater part of Sunny's stepper machines won't put compelling weight or hard effects on bones and joints.

This current stepper's effectively customizable turn activity tones posterior and thighs, and the simple to-peruse screen gives you a chance to keep tabs on your development. The pedals climb and down and from side to side, conditioning your rump and thighs consummately. With customizable resistance controls you will be in control of your work rate and staying solidly planted on the larger than usual slip-safe footplate's is a breeze.

How about we take a gander at the primary elements in subtle element:

The "Winding Pedal Action": Most stepper machines available don't have this contorting of the pedals amid operation. This specific element is by all accounts one of a kind to Sunny Health and Fitness. As the pedals climb and down, they really curve marginally on the down-stride, not in particular and most clients report they barely see it yet the thighs report that something is occurring after around 15 minutes. The turn is exceptionally tender and you won't feel like your going to fall of the machine. The foot plates or pedals have little raised dabs to keep your feet set up while working out.

The Resistance Settings: The movable part of the resistance system on this machine is given by a link that wraps around a roundabout wheel under the strides and change in accordance with the snugness of the link through a handle is the thing that give the conformity. You can set it to be nearly non-existent as far as possible up to so tight you will experience issues moving the strides. The standard non-customizable resistance pressure driven barrels are under every pedal and these give imperviousness to the here and there activity the same way that it is on the non-flexible steppers.

Overwhelming Duty Steel Construction: As with all the wellness gear from Sunny Health and Fitness, this turn stepper is planned and worked for long haul use (at home) with a solid steel casing that is won't disappoint you. Breakages can happen yet this gives off an impression of being uncommon.

Larger than usual Slip-Resistant Foot Plates: The foot-plates are wonderful; they are absolutely sufficiently substantial for even super-sized feet. They have an external edge and little catch/globules over the surface to keep you securely on-board while beating endlessly going no-spot. Hey, the pink shading adds to the wellbeing too, I am certain!

An On-Board Computer: This is fundamental yet is does all that you would need. Each of the PC Functions are recorded beneath.

  • MODE/RESET: Press the red "mode" catch to choose every capacity and by holding the conservative for 3 seconds, you'll reset to zero.
  • Check : Press the "mode" catch to choose "examine". The PC will naturally look over every capacity in arrangement while you work-out demonstrating to all of you of the readings as it goes.
  • TIME: This capacity naturally gathers workout time when you begin working out.
  • CALORIES: The PC computes and consequently collects calories blazed amid activity.
  • Tally: This is the quantity of steps you've ventured amid your activity session and it begins numbering naturally when you begin venturing.
  • REPS/MIN: On the screen you can likewise perceive what number of steps every moment you are doing. This likewise is a programmed capacity.
  • The LCD Screen: The screen is straightforward yet simple to peruse. It is arranged on top of the platform between your feet and even at this separation it is effectively perused. The PC and screen utilizes a LR44 battery which ought to be in the container when you get your machine conveyed.
  • Measurements: When set up prepared to work, the machines measurements are, 15″ Long x 16″ Wide x 13″ High.

Some a word of wisdom from Sunny Health and Fitness:

Utilize the hardware on a strong, level surface with a defensive spread for your floor or cover. To guarantee security, the hardware ought to have no less than 1.7 feet of free space surrounding it.

This gear is intended for indoor and home utilize as it were. It is not planned for business use.

The most extreme weight of the client: 220 LB.

The geniuses of the Pink Twist Stepper machine:

  • The machine is exceptionally tough and stable.
  • Sturdy – it is all around built and ought to keep going long haul even with every day use.
  • Is simple on the body, particularly the joints in the legs.
  • On-Board clock that monitors your activity schedule.
  • Snappy and Simple Assembly – It comes pre-collected separated from the customizable resistance handle which should be fitted.

. The cons of this Twister Stepper:

  • Low stride tallness for tall individuals or individuals who need a more considerable venturing stature.
  • The pressure driven chambers get hot with use. You may smolder yourself in the event that they are taken care of. (This is normal to all steppers with water driven chambers) 

Sunny’s P8000 Pink Adjustable Twist Stepper

Client Opinion:

By and large, clients who have left surveys and appraised the Pink Twist Stepper on are exceptionally content with their buys. 357 surveys have been left with more than 85% giving this item a 4 or 5-star rating. Given this staggering support we don't think it merits agonizing over the little number of terrible surveys. Likewise with any item, there are dependably a couple disappointed clients however taking a gander at their grievances it appears they are generally about conveyance and the odd missing parts in the crate.

Would we prescribe it:

Completely, we feel that you will be enchanted with this stepper and if pink is your shade of decision, you'll adore this model. We think you have discovered it! – the ideal stepper for your workout schedules at home.

Where to purchase it: 

Sunny’s P8000 Pink Adjustable Twist Stepper

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You can get your own special Pink Twist Step Machine by tapping the connection here through to You will get an awesome arrangement at this moment and it will arrive, very much pressed and by means of your decision of transportation.

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Top Customer Reviews

By FashionQueen86


I am a 27-year-old lady

around 163-157 pounds

I am 5'4 and my first round on the stepper has been a win. My advancement was doing 1442 stages in 32 minutes and I blazed 200 calories. The workout REALLY harms, which means in the event that it's your first time utilizing one of these things, you'll feel your muscles being tested. I know the front of my thighs were somewhat starting up, yet so was my upper butt cheeks. I could have sworn I felt something in my abs also. I don't have a clue. Be that as it may, you get drained effortlessly on the grounds that it's diligent work, particularly relying upon how the resistance/strain handle is set. Be that as it may, I am inspired.


1) It as of now came gathered. The main thing I needed to do was fix the pulley under it.

2) It records your time, reiterations, and calories smoldered. What's more, they are anything but difficult to see from above.

3) I didn't generally feel like i needed to adjust on whatever else since the machine does not have any handles to keep parity on.

4) It doesn't warm up, not as far as anyone is concerned. I utilized it for 60 minutes and things were all the while going awesome.

5) It is anything but difficult to store away. It is not by any stretch of the imagination substantial, yet sufficiently overwhelming to break your toes in case you're not cautious. I just slid it under my futon.

6) Your advancement does not reset. In the event that there is a reason you need to venture off the machine to accomplish something, it will stop. It won't reset without your authorization.


Can't think about any right now.

I will keep reports on my advancement.



I am utilizing this for the second time and I had a bit of squeaking on the other side. It likely simply needs greasing up.


The stepper is as yet going solid. I had greased up the squeaking sounds effectively. You can truly feel it smoldering your upper buns. I think soon I'm going to have a butt that everyone will gaze at. O_o!

By MyMy220

At first I was somewhat reluctant when purchasing this stepper in light of the fact that there were just 3 surveys. Which were every one of the 5 star surveys. I read the surveys to different steppers and it appeared like many individuals were miserable about the same issue or it didn't give you a decent work out. I've utilized this stepper for 2 days now. Awesome work out. Just about comparable to the stepper in the exercise center, obviously we should recall that this is a versatile stepper. Being only that, it gives an entirely decent work out. Makes me sweat following 4-5 minutes. I'm wanting to utilize this thing twice per day/6 days a week.... On the off chance that something changes and I get to be miserable, I'll make a point to post another audit. With respect to the counter it's cool. It works. In any case, doesn't make a difference to me in any case. I am 34 years of age 5'2" 128 lbs size 7 shoe and have around 3 to 5" of additional feet space. Exceptionally tough/doesn't move. You ought to have great equalization when utilizing this thing/nothing to clutch. Yet, I have no issue with that. Hey it helps me chip away at my equalization as well! Simple gathering, a youngster could do it. elusive w/socks. Incredible with no socks. I cherish my new stepper!

By W

This minimal pink stepper was only an ideal choice for me, living in a little loft and not having any desire to utilize an open exercise center yet.

No one notice it, yet you can really utilize the stepper confronting advances or confronting in reverse to work marginally distinctive leg muscles. (I don't have the foggiest idea about the names of the muscles, yet one way you push down with your toes and the front of your legs increasingly and the other way you push down with your heels and the back of your legs more.) This change of pace makes it less demanding to utilize the machine each day, regardless of the fact that your muscles are still sore from the earlier day. On the off chance that it gets uncomfortable, simply turn it around!

By Karina

Blessed thigh workout! I purchased this since it's little, and I can work out on it while sitting in front of the television. I don't have space for a major machine like a treadmill or bicycle so this is impeccable, I simply keep it beside my lounge chair under the end table =). I have it set to a truly high "force" level (you turn the little nob and it makes the strides harder to push down working out your legs more). I freakin cherish it! I'm up to 550 stages at a time...sounds like a little yet it's definitely not! The venturing battle is genuine. There are 14 stages in a flight of stairs for each floor so that is the manner by which I follow along: by floors a day. It has a truly cool stride following doo-hickey that doesn't naturally reset so in the event that you wanna do 40 stories in the am and 40 at night, you can follow along. You just press the catch and hold it down for it to reset. I've been utilizing it for a couple of weeks now and have seen a sizable decline in cellulite (which is a B to persuade free of!) to be clear, I additionally stroll around a mile a day at work and workout at a rec center 3-4 times each week. In any case, the cellulite wouldn't reduce...maybe on the grounds that I truly like on all the time...=/. This appears to have given my legs the additional help they required. Yahoo!

By exemptgirl

I am excited with this stepper. I was somewhat reluctant that it would not be solid, but rather even my 6'4" spouse can utilize it effortlessly. I join it with hand weights and it gives an awesome workout. I couldn't be more satisfied. This is the first occasion when I've felt constrained to compose an audit on any item.

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